Sunday, August 1, 2010

from the T.V to my tummy

Last week while watching hours of Man VS. food, Adam Richman visited Alice Cooperstown, in downtown Phoenix. He featured a 22 inch hotdog! I love food, and one of my favorite foods is hotdogs! So I leaned over and told my boyfriend that we would have to put that on our list of places to go!

Since it was 5 minutes from his apartment, he planned an outing for the weekend. So Saturday night, the two of us took off, and walked over to Cooperstown. (lucky for us, Cooperstown is right next to the US Airways Center, where Lady GAGA was having g a concert) So on our walk, we got to see endless Lady GAGA look alikes and fans dressed up in their favorite Lady GAGA outfits, it was fun to watch J However, since we were walking I didn’t bring a camera L

So eventually we got to Cooperstown, and sat down, at first the music was so loud we were yelling at each other and yelling our order to the waitress, we ordered wings, (not too spicy because I am a weakling), sweet potatoes fries ( my favorite! J) and “Adam Richman’s Big Unit”.

When your “Big Unit” arrives, a loud bell is rung, and then this is placed in front of you.

It was scary, but we started one bite at a time, we finished everything but the Fries! It was a magical moment and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a change of pace !

(Big Unit Hot Dog, nearly 2 feet of meat packed in an entire baguette loaf and smothered in chili, cheese, bacon, jalapeƱo, grilled onions, relish and sauerkraut.)

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  1. Wow! How fun. Sounds like a great time. How was the heart burn after? LOL