Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday

This week I decided to go through my pictures and find one that I thought really represented me
I love this picture because it is so fun.

This is a giant martini glass filled with pick cotton candy, I went out for a friends birthday, and at this bar you get cotton candy for your birthday.

I cannot imagine a better treat to remind me of my youth and the fun of being a kid again.
Happy pink Saturday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pizza CAMP

A few months ago, I received an email from my favorite local pizza place, Saradella's. Along with a few coupons, they had an ad for summer pizza camp! I was super excited. I have always wanted to learn the art of pizza making, however…. It was only for children again 5-12…

I do not have any kids… so I made a few calls, and managed to get my older sister to lend me my nephew Trenton for a day. Therefore, I waited a whole month until it was our turn to go to pizza camp.

This weekend it was finally time!

I have been working on taking photos.. so here is the pizza process!

This is my nephew Trenton, he is 8 y/o

This is the Sardella's mascot, Trenton

This first step to making pizza is learning how to work the dough.

Add a little sauce

Then the cheese

He wanted peperoni

then the finished product!

it was so good!

where it took me

I went to the Huntington Museum to take pictures. I was looking for pictures that made me think.
Each picture is a place I could sit and think. Sit and wonder. Sit and lose time and myself. Sit and dream of the possibilities.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pink Saterdays

I decided that i would like to participate in Pink Saturday's.

While walking around the Huntington Library i saw this little girl playing in the children's garden. Despite my fear of getting in trouble e for taking pictures of children i don't know i couldn't resist. She was having so much fun playing in the water.
The joys of being a kid, carefree and worry free." target="blank">" >

Friday, July 23, 2010


I am babysitting my nephew, Trenton who is 8 y/o for a few days. I pride myself on how silly I am, and I am often telling him tall tales. Wednesday night, he told me that he had to watch what I said because I lie all the time. I was upset briefly until he mentioned a few stories I had told him, one being coughalitus.

A few weeks ago, my older sister was helping me move and she brought Trenton to help. Trenton and I had driven in the same car. He kept coughing without covering is mouth. Therefore, I put a shirt over my mouth and told him that I did not want his contagious disease. I told him that by not covering his mouth he could spread diseases such as coughalitus. Coughalitus, A Disease I EXPLAINED TO HIM WHERE IF YOU COUGH TO HARD, YOU CAN POOP OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. Then he began to coughing really hard and I screamed “you have coughalitus”. He insisted that it was made up.

When we got back to my house, he ran inside to use the restroom, I ran to his moms car and said, “coughalitus, when you cough to hard you poop out of your mouth”, she looked at my funny until Trenton walked outside and starting coughing. Then she loudly cried Oh my gosh do you have coughalitus?

It is the little things that make me laugh. (What I thought was sillier is that after I make up a silly tales, I always forget them, but he never does J )

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What do you see.

When I wake up, but I am not ready to get up, I love to lay in my bed, covers to my neck and daydream. Thinking about the amazing adventures that I could have.

This reminded me of a looking glass, looking through could only force the looker to fall deep in to the world of their imagination. What do you see?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Starting out

I find that when I have a lot of free time that I get sad. It is maybe a lack of purpose, so I decided to get a hobby… but what? Playing the guitar? Writing dope rhymes for a rap album? Creating fireworks? Competing in BBQ competitions around the country?

I decided that taking pictures would be my first hobby endeavor. Maybe I get sad because sitting at hoe for hours watching hours of TV I am lacking beauty.

It was not until I looked at the pictures that I took, that I realized just how much I need this beauty to smile. I think that taking pictures might just be the hobby I was looking for.